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MAMUTH #SB Common and Small Case Sealer Taper Machine

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The MAMUTH SB Common and Small Case Sealer is designed to easily seal both your common case sizes and your very small or narrow cartons. It is a rugged, heavy-gauge system utilizing both top and side belts driven by three motors (one motor for the top belts and one motor for each side belt) to securely and powerfully turn your case sealing into a quick, complete, inexpensive and almost effortless part of your production process. When you order your MAMUTH you have the opportunity to purchase an inkjet coding system (as shown above) at tremendous savings to make your case coding and sealing an efficient one-step process.

The SB comes complete, already loaded with everything you might want for case sealing options. Its front and rear roller packing tables make your production easy and simple. It is no problem for your operators to feed the system, or to transfer your sealed case to a collecting conveyor or a pallet. It is already supplied with swivel locking casters so you can roll it into place and lock it down for production with very little effort. Its self-centering side belts and multiple crank handles mean that you can change over smoothly and easily from one size box to another in a matter of seconds.


• The MAMUTH SB Common and Small Case Sealer is the best choice for securely sealing common case sizes and very small or narrow cartons. It is often used to meet the special demands of sealing the carton sizes used in the cosmetic and nutraceutical industries.

• The SB comes complete with carton top squeezers to create a secure top flap closure while eliminating gaps between the flaps, and infeed and outfeed tables to make your case sealing operation as simple and convenient as possible.


• Top and Bottom Case Sealing
• Both Top (2) and Side (2) Belt Driven: 4 Belts Total
• Powerful, Three Motor-Driven Industrial Grade Belts
• Secure, Powerful, Consistent Case Management and Case Sealing
• Front Packing Table
• Rear Packing Table
• Carton Top Squeezers
• Easy Infeed and Pack-Out
• Self-Centering Side Belts
• Easy Changeover
• Swivel Locking Casters
• Easy Mobility and Set-Up
• 65fpm Belt Speed
• 40+ Cases per Minute
• Plugin and Run
• Easy Adjustments
• Nothing Left to Buy, a Complete, Full-Featured System.


• Belt Placement: Both Top and Side Belts (4 Total)
• Seals both the Top and the Bottom of the Carton
• Belt Speed: 65 feet/minute
• Sealing Method: Pressure-Sensitive Tape
• Tape Width: Manages 2” Tape
• Min Box Size: 3.5” Wide x 4.5” Tall x 4.5” Long
• Max Box Size: 20.75” Wide x 20.5” Tall (Infinite Length)
• Electrical Requirements: 110 VAC
• Footprint with Infeed and Pack-Out Tables 68” L x 37” W S

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