About Us - MAMUTH Case Sealers and Uniform Case Tapers

Everything - your MAMUTH case sealer, your spare parts, your complimentary technical support by phone, skype & facetime from real technicians who understand your machine perfectly - are all right here in the United States of America in our own warehouses & service department, headquartered at 1230 Activity Drive, Suite #E, Vista, CA 92081Make certain you understand this CRITICAL differrence about our MAMUTH Case Sealers before you make a huge mistake & order a machine elsewhere that may not actually be in the United States, that does not have spare parts support and no real technical support. We get calls constantly from folks who ordered elsewhere, looking for parts and technical help for their case sealers. Don't make the same mistake they did. We only have parts and technical support for our MAMUTH Case Sealers. We cannot assist you with any other brand of sealer.