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MAMUTH #BB Versatile Case Sealer Taper Machine
MAMUTH #BB Versatile Case Sealer Taper Machine
MAMUTH #BB Versatile Case Sealer Taper Machine

MAMUTH #BB Versatile Case Sealer Taper Machine

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The MAMUTH #BB Versatile Case Sealer is designed to uniformly tape and seal a very wide variety of box sizes using 2" wide by 1000 yard long machine length tape.

The MAMUTH #BB has both top and bottom tape heads for sealing both the top and the bottom of the carton or case at the same time.

There are four (4) belts and two (2) motors total, with one motor driving two top belts and the second motor driving the two bottom belts for powerful, dependable, secure and consistent travel of the case.

The flat, stainless steel travel path is easy to keep clean and creates smooth travel for the case while helping insure increased taping accuracy and uniformity.

The #BB comes complete with infeed and exit roller packing tables as shown for greater ease of use.

The #BB also comes with carton top squeezers as shown for consistent and uniform case sealing.

Both swivel casters and leveling feet are also included as shown for greater ease of mobility and also a significantly more secure footing once in place for production.

The #BB comes complete with two rolls of 2 inch x 1000 yard machine length pressure sensitive tape as shown to enable production runs on the day of arrival.

Your hardcopy manual is also included.

The system is designed for the easy addition of an inkjet case coder if desired.


Minimum box size managed is 6” wide x 4.5” tall x 4.5” long.

Maximum box size managed is 19.5” wide x 25” tall x infinite length.

Manages up to 40 boxes per minute, dependent on box size.

Maximum case weight managed is 95 lbs.

Belt speed is 65 feet per minute.

Sealing method is by 2” wide machine length pressure sensitive tape.

Electrical requirements 110 VAC.

Footprint with infeed and outfeed packing tables included is 69.5” L x 31” W.

Machine weight is 325 lbs. Shipping weight is approximately 415 lbs.

Machine is new in crate, crate dimensions are approximately 42” L x 36” W x 44” Tall.

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